Eagle Plane offers a full range of woodworking solutions: from build-ins or free standing furniture for your home, to one of a kind wood products for your boat or aircraft. Eagle Plane not only does restoration and refinishing in our shop, we also do chip, scratch, and finish repairs on site. As a custom wood shop, Eagle Plane offers the largest selection of wood, finish, and design options in the state of Arizona. If you would like an old item brought back to life or need a new item that will look old and match an existing item, from design to installation, we can help you.

Eagle Plane Custom Furniture is most competitive on projects that require skilled craftsmanship. We use the term custom furniture because our shop is set up with a 12 foot space around each tool. The 12 feet lends itself to making items that fit inside a house. We do make items larger than 1,728 cubic feet for an additional fee.

Before a job is started Eagle Plane will give an estimate with a description of what will be done. If during the course of work any alterations to the process need to be made, you will be notified before the work is done.

Eagle Plane Custom Furniture also offers full documentation of the repairs for historical or antique pieces. Full documentation includes photos and a detailed report of alterations made preserving the historical integrity of your item. Though not a certified conservationist, the owner, Matt Peterson, is currently learning the art of conservation so we know what is beyond our scope and have museum contacts if it is believed that you have a historical piece that needs special attention.